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After 20+ years working as a TV presenter/correspondent for some of the world’s leading news networks, I’m here to share my views and build a community with you.

I’ve called this newsletter ‘News with a foreign accent’ because

a) I have one

b) Feeling like a foreigner everywhere gives me a different take on things

I’ll focus on current events and the topics I’m truly passionate about: Migration, diversity in journalism, the threat of Fascism, all things to do with bilingualism/being second-language English and EU citizens in the UK post-Brexit.

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As a news anchor, viewers couldn’t engage with me during broadcasts. But here I want to know what you think and what you want to know more about. Everybody’s welcome, including but not only:

  • Anyone with a passion for trying to make sense of the world

  • Young (and not so young) journalists

  • Second-language English speakers who realise how much language shapes their world

  • EU citizens in the UK who feel (rightly) that they’re not represented in British media

  • Aspiring News anchors

  • Anyone who loves rock/metal music (just wait for the podcasts….)

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